Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/22/2024 - 02:34

Opportunity for Hosting the TC Leaders Meeting in 2025

Please note that the opportunity for hosting of the TC Leaders Meeting in 2025 is now open.

GHWP member country/region which is interested in hosting the mentioned Meeting, please send an email with your expression of interest to host the TC Leaders Meeting in 2025 to the Secretariat at by 5th June 2024, Wednesday. A valid email with express of interest in hosting the Meetings should be sent from the Primary Representative (Regulatory Authority) of the corresponding GHWP member country/region.

If there is more than one GHWP member country/region expressed their interest in hosting the TC Leaders Meeting in 2025, an election will be carried out to confirm the next meeting host on 13th June 2024, Thursday, during the upcoming TC Leaders Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.