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The First GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training Notice

(2nd round notice)

In order to further enhance the regulatory capacity of the Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) member countries and regions, and to help innovative medical device products benefit people around the world, GHWP will hold the first GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training from May 27th to May 31st, 2024. The relevant arrangements are notified as follows:


1. Training Organization

Host: GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy

Guangdong Institute of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices


2. Training Theme

Collaborative Empowerment—Innovative Medical Devices Embrace the World


3. Time, Place and Method

Training time: May 27th - May 31st, 2024, check in on May 26 and check out on June 1.

Training Place: South China University of Technology, Panyu District, Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.

Training Methods: The training combines face-to-face courses, panel discussions, on-site Q&A, case sharing, practical training, and interactive communication. The May 27 morning training agenda will be streamed live online.


4. Training Schedule

Based on the training needs, a total of five topics are designed, including

Topic 1: GHWP Promotes Global Medical Device Regulatory Convergence, Harmonization, and Reliance (8 credit hours);

Topic 2: Innovative Trends Shaping the Future of Medical Device Industry (8 credit hours);

Topic 3: A Series of Training on the Premarket Regulatory Framework of Medical Device in the World (16 credit hours);

Topic 4: Onsite Practical Training of Innovative Medical Device Enterprises in Guangdong, China (4 credit hours);

Topic 5: Case Sharing: Going Global with Innovative Medical Devices (4 credit hours), a total of 40 credit hours of training courses (see Appendix 1 for details).


5. Speakers

GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy is honored to invite authoritative experts recommended by medical device regulatory agencies in China, EU, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. to give lectures on premarket regulatory framework of medical devices in their countries or regions. International organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), Asia Pacific Association for Medical Technology (APACMed), Inter-American Consortium for Regulatory Convergence in the Medical Technology Sector (IACRC), and Middle East Trade Association for Medical devices, Imaging, and Diagnostics Trade Association (MECOMED), etc., will also assign their renowned industry experts to give a speech about the global and regional blueprints for the medical device regulation and industry development. Showcases in Topic 5 will be drawn from the valuable practical experience of large multinational medical device manufacturers or innovative medical device research and development companies.


6. Target audience

(a) Medical device researchers, regulators, producers, and users who are committed to the research and development of innovative medical devices, the globalization of the medical device industry, and the international cooperation of regulatory capabilities.

(b) Invited representatives of medical device regulatory agencies and industry representatives from GHWP member countries/regions;

(c) Invited council members of GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy.


7. Certificate of Completion

At the end of the training, GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy will hold a graduation ceremony and issue a certificate of training completion in GHWP (Guangzhou)’s training.


8. Training Registration

Please scan the QR code below or visit the website to register for the training.

QR Code:

QR code-The 1st GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training Notice (2nd round).png


Remarks: If you cannot open the website, you can fill out Appendix 2, "The 1st GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training Registration Reply Form" and send it to with "GHWP Training Reg" in the subject of email.


9. Training Fee

The training fee is RMB 20,000 /USD 2,800 per person (the banking service fees are not included), including the training, material, and meal fees. The number of participants is limited, and the order of registration will be determined according to the time of registration and payment, so please pay attention to the time of registration and complete the registration and payment as soon as possible.

Participants can pay the fee by clicking the online payment button on the registration website or by transferring the money to the following account; please specify the training course, name, and phone number.

Account Name: Guangdong Institute of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices

Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ190

Bank account number: 44063814040000554

Bank of Account: Agricultural Bank of China, Guangzhou Development District Branch

GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy will check the enrollment and payment of students. If the information and payment are consistent, the student will be notified of the enrollment result by email (for overseas students) or by email + SMS (for domestic students) and provided with a VAT e-invoice with the content of the invoice as "Training Fee.” In case of inconsistency, the fees paid by the student will be refunded within 10-20 working days.


10. Visa Application

GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy will issue official invitation letters to all participants who have passed the enrollment process. For students enrolled from outside China, due to the varying visa requirements of different countries, students are advised to contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their country or region as early as possible to inquire about and apply for a visa. Please contact us if you need further assistance from GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy.


11. Hotel Reservation

Recommended Hotel: University Town International Hotel

Hotel Address: No. 68 Huagong North Road, University Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China


12. Contact person

Conference Contact (Registration, Payment and Hotel): Lijuan Li, +86-13146358978,

Training Contact (Agenda and Visa): Yudi Kuang, +86-15914304265,



  1. Agenda of the 1st GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training
  2. Registration reply form of the 1st GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy Training


GHWP (Guangzhou) Academy

Guangdong Institute of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices