Final Documents on Safety Alert Dissemination System (SADS) and Survey Post Market Surveillance System

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/02/2008 - 15:40

The AHWP TC WG02 has finalized two documents on SADS, namely the AHWP/WG2/SADS/001: Framework for AHWP Safety Alert Dissemination System and AHWP/WG2/SADS/002: Safety Alert Dissemination Criteria, Procedures and Form, to be used for disseminating safety alerts amongst AHWP Member Economies.

The AHWP TC WG02 is also conducting a survey on the post-market surveillance and vigilance system for AHWP Member Economies to have a better understanding on the post market systems practised by Member Economies. The information collected in this survey will be used by AHWP TC WG2 as a reference for formulating the future activities for a harmonized post-market surveillance and vigilance systems. The survey result will also be published for the reference of regulatory authorities as well as traders.

All Member Economies are requested to participate in the survey by filling in the questionnaire form attached and return it to the Chair and Co-chair of WG2 by sending emails to both or by fax to
both (852) 3157 1286 and (852) 2213 3678. 

Please find the two documents and the questionnaire form below.

(WG2 is referred to WG4 after the restructuring of work groups.)