Capacity Building White Paper Launch on 24 Feb 2021

Submitted by admin on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 03:56

As a first step, GHWP/GHWP along with APACMed and Accenture co-developed the White Paper on ‘Medical Device Regulatory Training Curriculum for Industry Professionals’. It provides a holistic view of the current needs for regulatory training and focuses on defining the future direction of such training for members of GHWP/GHWP and APACMed.

In the White Paper Launch on 24 Feb 2021, Ms. Miang Tanakasemsub, our Executive Deputy Secretary General and Regional Regulatory Affairs Head, Asia & Russia at Alcon, delivered the welcome and introductory remarks. Ms. Adelheid Schneider, Regional Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager, Asia Pacific at Roche Dx launched and gave introduction of the Paper. Ms. Srishti Maitre from Accenture Pte. Ltd. presented on the research methodology and key findings.

Ir. Bryan So, our Executive Secretary General, attended the Panel discussion and shared next steps followed by Q&A. Other Panel participants are Mr. Debmalya Chatterjee, Manageing Director of Medical Technology of Accenture Pte.Ltd., Ms. Maryline Marquet, Vice President of Operations at APACMed and Mr. Sharad Shukla, Head of Regulatory Affairs at J&J.

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